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Christmas Mandala crochet pattern – Cozy Christmas Mandala and Christmas Three wall hanging

christmas mandala crochet pattern

Are you looking for a fun Christmas project to crochet? Maybe a christmas mandala, or a wall hanging?

It’s only 50 days until Christmas today. Time flies by! Summer is long gone now, but we can start focusing on ‘the most wonderful time of the year’! I always enjoy it very much.

Do you want to make your home cozy for Christmas? If you start now, you’ll have enough time to finish before Christmas! I have designed 2 fun christmas crochet patterns. In this blog you’ll read more about the patterns.

Cozy Christmas Mandala

Did you know that I started in july (the middle of the summer) with this pattern? I had an idea and wanted to write it out, but it took a lot of time and versions to finally reach a result that I was satisfied with. I have used elements of all versions to create a very versatile pattern for you!

What are the possibilities?

There are multiple options you can choose from:

  • Crochet a festive doily: you don’t need to put this mandala in a ring, but you can also use it as a doily. A fun decoration during the holidays! You need to block it after you are done, so it gets a nice shape.

  • Crochet a cozy mandala: of course you can also attach the mandala to a hoop. It fits in a 40cm/16inch hoop. Crochet around the hoop and attach the 5 points. Add christmas lights and you have a very cozy window or wall decoration!
  • Crochet a christmas star: if you make the pattern without border and use a bigger hook, you can fit it into a 30cm/12 inch star-shaped metal frame! It’s always nice to try something different, right?

Besides that you can choose additional decorations to add to your project:

  • Snow at the tree tops
  • Baubles
  • Garlands
  • Stars that you can use as tree toppers

I really can’t wait to see which variant you will make and how you decorate your trees!

Materials required
    • White – 3 grams / 0.11 oz Katia Capri (82127)
    • Brown – 2 gram / 0.07 oz Katia Capri (82051)
    • Green – 12 gram / 0.42 oz Schachenmayr (419)

For the border you can use one or more colors. I have used the following colors:

    • White – Katia Capri (82127)
    • Gold – Scheepjes Twinkle (938)
  • For additional decorations you can use the same yarn as used for the pattern or use scraps from your stash in a similar weight.
  • Hook 2,5mm (there is no equivalent US hook size, you could use hook B-1 or C-2) or 4mm (G-6) (see variations).
  • Metal hoop of 40 cm / 16 inch or Metal star of 30 cm / 12 inch (both optional).
  • Stitch markers, tapestry needle, scissors
  • If you want to make the doily version, you have to block your work. You can use Eucalan, blocking mats and knitblockers/pins to do this.
The pattern

The pattern can be ordered here:

Christmas Three wall hanging

christmas three wandhangerAs you know, I am a big fan of crocheting mandalas. But this time I wanted to try something different. That’s why I designed a pattern that used a different shape: traingles! The name of the patttern is Christmas Three: and no, this isn’t a typo. I did this on purpose, because you use 3 triangles. By combining the triangles in different sizes, you can make a fun and original christmas decoration. Hang it on your wall, in front of a window, or gift it to someone. They will appreciate it for sure!

  • 60 gram (Β±2,12 oz) Scheepjes Twinkle (you need 2 skeins). I used color 923. You can use to find similar yarn.
  • Hook 4mm (G)
  • Tapestry needle to weave in ends
  • Scissors to cut the yarn
  • Stitch marker to easily recognize the start of a round
  • 3 metal triangles in the following sizes: 20 cm / 8 inch – 25 cm / 10 inch / 30 cm – 12 inch
The pattern

The pattern can be ordered here: