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Mandala crochet pattern 80cm – Blooming Daisy Mandala pattern

mandala crochet pattern

Are you looking for a mandala crochet pattern of 80cm or 100cm? With this gorgeous mandala crochet pattern in US terms you can create a mandala yourself!

Het Nederlandse patroon vind je hier.

I proudly present you: the Blooming Daisy Mandala!

A happy mandala crochet pattern for a mandala of about 80 centimeters (32 inch) – 100 centimeters (40 inch). The pattern consits of round per round written instructions and includes a chart.


  • All 46 rounds of the pattern are available in written text.
  • Do you prefer to work with a chart? That is also included!
  • You can put the text and the chart next to each other. Therefore this pattern is great for anyone who wants to learn how to read mandala crochet charts!
  • This pattern is suitable for an advanced crocheter or an adventurous beginner. Are terms like chains, double crochet and treble crochet familiar to you? Then you will be fine!
  • It is allowed to sell items you created with the pattern. Please refer to KimHaakt as the designer.


  • Yarn: Yarn: Cotton Kings Sultan (Deluxe) or similar fingering weight yarn, like Hobbii Dahlia, Hobbii Azalea, Scheepjes Whirl or Hobbii Twister. ** 80 cm / 32 inch: for this version, you need less yarn than that is on the above mentioned skeins. Therefore if you want to use all colors, you need to cut some pieces of yarn out. For the rainbow version, I used 110 gr (±3,9oz) Hobbii Sultan Deluxe no. 31, about 440 meters (±481 yards). For the green/blue version, I used 134 gr (±4,7oz) Hobbii Sultan Shadow no. 3, about 656 meters (±717 yards). ** 100 cm / 40 inch: for this version you can use a complete skein of Cotton Kings Sultan. I’ve used 197 gr (±7oz), about 788 meters (± 861 yards) of Cotton Kings Sultan no. 21. Before crocheting the mandala into the hoop, I had 15 grams (±0,5oz) of yarn left.
  • Hook: 2,5mm (US hook B-1 or C-2, depending on your gauge)
  • A 80 centimeter hoop (32 inch) or 100 centimeter hoop (40 inch).
  • Also convenient: tapestry needle, scissors, stitch marker

The pattern

The pattern is available on Etsy and Ravelry.

Did you make this mandala? Share it on Facebook and Instagram with #bloomingdaisymandala or #kimhaaktmandala. I love to see your creations and share them with my followers!


See below the creations of my lovely testers!

Hook: 2,5mm
Ring: 76cm
Yarn: Hobbii Twister Zen Garden (52)

Hook: 2,5mm
Ring: 80cm
Yarn: Hobbii Sultan Deluxe Baltic Ember (14)

Hook: 2,75mm
Ring: 90cm
Yarn: Hobbii Sultan Hortensia (21)

Hook: 2,5mm
Ring: 80cm