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Free mandala crochet pattern – Lots of Love Mandala

free mandala crochet pattern

Free mandala crochet pattern

It’s almost Valentines Day, and my gift to you is this free mandala crochet pattern for the Lots of Love Mandala! This cute mandala consits of 15 rounds, and will fit in a hoop of approximately 30cm. Because this is a small mandala, you could use your scraps to make it!

I named this mandala lots of love because there are hearts of course and I have a lot of love for all of you who have been supporting me!

Are you making a completely pink one, or multiple colors? Who are you going to surprise with the lots of love mandala?

If you’re not familiar with reading crochet charts, maybe you should give the Vivid Flower Mandala a a try! This written pattern has a chart included, so you can put them next to each other to learn how to read a chart. Round by round pictures are also included!


I used the following materials:

Everyone crochets different, so it’s not certain that you will get the exact same result as me. Therefore I would recommend to look for a hoop as soon as you are done with crocheting. To get the right size for your mandala, multiply the diameter of your mandala times 1,2.

You can also use other yarn/crochet hook, but you will get a different result.

Please note: your work will most likely start to curl up. Don’t worry about that, it will all be OK when you attach it to the hoop!

I’ve crocheted the hoops into the ring, with 5sc between each hoop.

The pattern

Below you find the pattern. Are you not familiar with reading crochet charts? Maybe you can first try the Vivid Flower Mandala. This pattern consists of a chart and also includes a round by round written explanation and pictures. You can put the graph next to the text, and learn how to read charts!


I really like to see how your mandala turned out! Share your creation on Facebook or Instagram, tag me (@kimhaaktcrochet) and use #lotsoflovemandala.

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This is a copyrighted pattern. You are not allowed to use this pattern for commercial purposes. The pattern and contents of it can’t be shared, translated, copied, published and/or (re)sold. The pattern is for personal use only. You have approval to sell a product that you made by means of this pattern. Please refer to KimHaakt as designer of this pattern by linking to