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Flower Festival Garland free crochet pattern

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Here is a free pattern to crochet a flower garland!

Last week I went to a music festival. If you’ve ever been to one, you know how many tents there can be on the camping site. How will you ever know which tent is yours? With that idea in mind, I designed the Flower Festival Garland. This flower garland can be used to decorate your tent. It looks very cosy, and makes it easier to recognize your tent! But you can of course also use if for other purposes.


  • Yarn of your choice in multiple colors. I have used small balls of cotton yarn.
  • A hook that fits the yarn you have chosen. I have used hook 4mm.

The pattern

You make the garland by crocheting multiple mini-mandalas that consist of 2 colors and attach them. Crochet as many mini-mandalas as you like!

The pattern consists of 2 rounds:


Color A: Make a magic loop and crochet in the loop: ch6 (counts as 1 ttr), 3ttr, ch5, 7x[4ttr, ch5]. Close the magic loop. Close the round with 1ss in the 3ttr at the start of the round. Fasten off.

Color B: join yarn in a ttr, ch3 (counts as 1dc, 6dc around ch5-loop. *1dc in ttr, 6dc around ch5-loop*. Close the round with 1ss in the 3rd ch at the start of the round. Fasten off.

Garland: ch60, 3sc in 3dc of mini-mandala, ch20 between each mini-mandala, end with ch60.



This is a copyrighted pattern. You are not allowed to use this pattern for commercial purposes. The pattern and contents of it can’t be shared, translated, copied, published and/or (re)sold. The pattern is for personal use only. You have approval to sell a product that you made by means of this pattern. Please refer to KimHaakt as designer of this pattern by linking to